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After a very steamy summer (heat indices well over 100/40) a lot, fall is already settling in here in the north midwest, so we are enjoying the last days of sun and fun as much as possible.

Nonie loved summer camp (no pics sadly as the camera was MIA) — lots of swimming and boating and outdoor sports and activities, and basketball training, oh, and more swimming) — and has loved going to water parks and having play dates and riding her bike (she can ride a very big girl bike now). Lots of Mummy and Daddy time and even a visit to Miss Jane at Lifeways where she got to show all of the little kids how big she has gotten (i.e. she gave heaps of piggy back rides).

We went off to Door County (the peninsula north east of us that separates Green Bay from Lake Michigan) for two nights. Really, really beautiful. We found delightful beaches, gorgeous state parks, and yummy food (oh, and bugs, of course). Nonie made lots of friends, loved the ferry to Washington Island, and rode nearly 11 miles (18 kilometres) on a rented bike.

Nonie’s favourite phrase of the summer: “that’s awkward!”

School has started for the very big kids, and Nonie is very excited to join Miss Jeanette in Grade 1 (which is upstairs!!!) at DMA after Labor Day.

Love to everyone. We miss you heaps! See you here at nerdtobe soon with some video highlights and, most likely, after Thanksgiving with more pics and news.

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June 2012

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Me and daddy have uploaded a mish mash of great photos and videos from June 2012, including a visit from Patrick Lichty, and camel and bike rides in Milwaukee (the latter I learned from walking to trail-blazing – literally – in 3 days flat!). I saw cousins and aunts, uncles and grandparents, good friends and newborns (and art!) in New York, and helped daddy pick images from my folks’ time in Leeds. It was my first time away from Mommy and Daddy, while Pop-pop and Babba, in from NYC, took care of me at home. It was super fun – and I’ve been loving JCC camp – but I’m glad to have my parents back just in time for the 4th of July. Yay, fireworks! TWICE! I’ve been learning to read and doing lots of fun math over the Summer, too. Today: bike parade! More photos soon. Love to all my fans – Nonie.

Nonie 6.0 !!!

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As the lake continues to make for a strange spring (temperatures shift day to day from 80/26 to 50/10) we celebrated¬† Sidonie’s sixth birthday in style, and a lot!

Unbelievable, but true: Nonie is SIX!!!

“Now I am six I am as clever as clever. So I think I’ll be six for ever and ever.”

Christopher Robin, A.A. Milne.

The birthday extravaganza started May 22 when we decorated cookie packets for everyone in Nonie’s class to hand out after her birthday story (about her name).

Birthday eve cake followed. Birthday morning the girl opened presents; after school more presents and then out to share a birthday party with Christiane. The next night was dinner with Hans, Soy and Eva (who are, sadly, leaving town). After breaking in her new ballet shoes, we all undertook the annual pilgrimage on Memorial Day to fly kites and ride bikes and go-karts. On Saturday June 2, after hot chocolate and her first piano recital, the PARTY! Bowling and friends and cake and games! Oh, and lots of girl hugs! Nonie, without any help, managed two strikes and a very reputable score of 105

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes, for sharing my celebrations with me in so many ways, and, of course, for the fabulous gifts.

Videos to follow from Dad soon. Watch this space!

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Nonie’s first letter

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I wrote the whole thing by myself, and drew a picture at the back – daddy only helped me with the spelling. It says:

deAr nAnCY:

SchooL is
greAt. thAnk
U 4 AsKing.
i miss U And
i <3 U LoVe,

Sidonie Stern

Winter Wonderland

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My first sledding advanture, and my first snowman. At home, anyway. But my daddy and I were cold, so we kind of just sledded in front of the house, and made a baby Frosty. This was our 6th snow of the season (and it’s not even Christmas!) adding another 16 inches to the already large sum of white stuff from the sky – until it all freezes into ice tomorrow when it is 20 below (F, which is more than 30 below in C – granted this includes the wind chill, but STILL). But it does make for pretty photos and hot cocoa in front of the fire!

sledding, weeee!

sledding, weeee!

baby Frosty

baby Frosty

pooped (snow angels)

pooped (snow angels)

See more snowy photos here.

These are a few of my favourite things!

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Sid-a-Nonie Ridgway Stern – 2 1/2 years old.

Nonie’s favourite things:

Tapping my forehead like Pooh and saying, “fink, fink!” Oh, and speaking of Pooh, I love Lumpy (the baby Heffalump – which is kind of like an Elephant – in the new movies).

Telling stories (I always begin with, “One little time” and end with “the end”.)

Halloween (dressing up, trick or treating, going to parties).

I ride so well I can do it in a tutu now.

I ride so well I can do it in a tutu now.

Obama (yah! and it makes Daddy smile, a lot.)

Yay, we won, we won, we won.

Yay, we won, we won, we won.

Singing (especially Old Mac Donald, Frosty the Snowman and Rock-a-bye Baby).

Puppets (sock, finger, and my “just pretend” hand puppet, “Bobbie”).

Bathing (“I big, I swim”).

Making houses and having tea parties.

My house, come in, please.

My house, come in, please.

Friends (at Lifeways — my creche — and Isaac — who I spent Thanksgiving with. We also had a make-Christmas-cookies playdate. We like “hanging out” and “chillin” — Daddy is teaching me a lot of American slang).

Hide and seek (most especially when we run into the closet, taking “tiny, little tiger” to hide from “big bad tiger, he huge”).

Snow (we’ve had five snows so far and although it can be “so cold” and I wish it was “too warmer,” I like it a lot and cope better than Daddy and Mummy.)

Dancing (to everything, with everyone, but especially to “They Might be Giants” … see video post below).

Food (broccoli and olives, and Parmesan and Asagio, and chickpeas and cumin, and marshmallows. Did I mention marshmallows? More, please).

Having my ow-ies (real and imagined) kissed a lot (and bandaids, I like them a lot).

Saying, “I don’t like it.”

Holding up a finger in a rather schoolmarmish way and saying, “I’ll be right back”, “Just a minute”, “Not do it that way”.

Going to parades.

Christmas Parade, Downtown Milwuakee

Christmas Parade, Downtown Milwaukee

Putting up our Christmakkah Tree and opening my chocolate advent calendar.

Having my haircut in a salon!

I love this look!

I love this look!

Running, jumping, laughing, teasing, tickling and being tickled. Reading, and playing with my toys, and talking (a lot) and helping with the dishes and vacuuming.

Oh, and of course, cards and presents.

Happy holidays one and all. Love and Hugs!

More pics here or as a slideshow here.

Boo at the Zoo!

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Nonie and Abrianna went trick or treating at the Zoo! See pi and a slideshow below….

I'm a butterfly!
I’m a butterfly!


it’s been a while.

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So here are 150 photos or so, in slideshow format, from July – October of this year, covering our last days in Dublin, the stopover in Switzerland, our lovely trip to see family and friends in South Africa, and the start of our new life in Milwaukee (via NYC).

Click below to play.

My fans can also view them one-by one and for print-out from here.


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Mommy and daddy told me to apologize for their lack of postings lately. We are about to go on holiday and visit family in Zurich and South Africa, then it’s time for the big move to Milwaukee!

Here is daddy’s post on our holiday in Belfast. And here are more photos from that trip.

Here are some great photos from my Second Birthday, including visits from Baba (Granny Jeanette) and Papa-p (Grandpa Phil). A sample:

And, just to keep you fully up to date,¬† photos of: some other visiting friends, my good friend Solana’s b-day party, and early spring.These have all been up for some time, but Daddy hopes to post more pics, perhaps even some video, before we leave on Monday….

i am a cousin! (updated with picture)

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The details are slowly trickling in via (brief) transnational phone calls and texts from daddy’s not so tech savvy family, but it sounds like Leonardo Mazzola was born around 5:15 5:00 AM EST, 5 and a half 5.7 pounds (he’s little, but strong! 3.5 weeks early, is all). We’ll get a pic up when we have it – he’s in for quite a ride. Congratulations Aunt Sam and Uncle Emy! I can’t wait to meet Leo!


No Rain Day!!! (or, things I do, rain and shine)

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Yay, sun!

For. A. Day. (sigh)

In celebration of the first no-rain-day of 2008 (in February!), I thought I would give the avid followers of all things Sidonie a sense of a few of my favorite things. Or at least, as they stand today in the ever-changing Sidonie-ness that is me:

My bike: for me and sometimes others

Calling myself “Nonie” and naming “Nonie’s” things

All fish – actual, virtual, animated and drawn (“Meemo” – er, Nemo – rules!)

Speaking of fish, I love the part in “Nemo” when they say they are looking for Sydney – I always shout “Me!” and point at myself delightedly

Making Mummy be a train and using her legs as a bridge. Daddy screams “toot toot!”

“Dih,” also known as Stitch from Lilo and Stitch – I like to watch him dancing to Elvis on YouTube

Jumping (I can’t get off the ground yet but I fling my head back and yell as if I can)

The concepts (and saying the words, of course) of “mine,” “more,” and “me”

Laughing, making people laugh, smiling at people on the bus, charming cashiers, and making friends on the “deedaw” in the park (seesaw for those who don’t speak sid)

Tea parties with my plushies and water play in the sink (“bah” still equals water)

Glancing from under my lashes to see if my pouting is working

Standing in the buggy and letting my hair blow in the wind (a romantic like both of my rents)

Wearing Daddy’s shoes

Flinging my hands to my mouth and melodramatically declaiming, “Oh No!”

Eating leek and potato soup, star spinach and ricotta ravioli, peas, vanilla yogurt and, horror of horrors (says Mummy), I climbed on the chair and crawled halfway across the dining room table to nab some chocolate (which I am developing a taste for when no one is watching)

Putting lip ice on my chin

Finding the stars in the sky

Playing with balls (I am good at kicking and throwing, but not so much with the catching, yet — watch this space)

Walking funny, practicing the splits, standing on tippy toes, spinning around, doing rolypoly on the floor, and DANCING!

Playing run, hide and boo!

Flinging my changing mat over my shoulders like it is a cape (I saw that in a movie Mummy was watching last night)

Learning new stuff like “two” and “up/down” and “red, blue and green”

Practicing words first thing before I have even woken up properly, especially fun ones like “elbow” and “light”

Making a huge mess but insisting that certain things be in their place, like my buggy (I am my parents’ child)

NOT brushing my teeth (especially, to my mother’s dismay, after eating chocolate)

(link: more new photos here)

walkin in a winter dublinland

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pink with flamingoes

chrismakkah bush


emo daddy and pensive mommy

santa is it my turn yet? and ta, santa

matthew and sidonie solving the problems of the world

More new photos here.


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Click for a lo-res, phone-grabbed video of our wobbler, walking about in our cabin in Kasterlee, Belgium.



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I missed daddy so much I tried to start walking my way to Croatia!!! But I only got about 5 steps… Still, mommy and daddy are so proud! Click to play



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That’s right, as my first birthday present to myself, I stood and walked several steps from my aunt to my ouma with no help or support. I AM SUCH A ROCK STAR.

Just a few pics from the celebration (thanks to my god-mommy for the party favors, to all my grand-folks for their wishes and gifts):

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image: 'sidonie' by nathaniel stern