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After a very steamy summer (heat indices well over 100/40) a lot, fall is already settling in here in the north midwest, so we are enjoying the last days of sun and fun as much as possible.

Nonie loved summer camp (no pics sadly as the camera was MIA) — lots of swimming and boating and outdoor sports and activities, and basketball training, oh, and more swimming) — and has loved going to water parks and having play dates and riding her bike (she can ride a very big girl bike now). Lots of Mummy and Daddy time and even a visit to Miss Jane at Lifeways where she got to show all of the little kids how big she has gotten (i.e. she gave heaps of piggy back rides).

We went off to Door County (the peninsula north east of us that separates Green Bay from Lake Michigan) for two nights. Really, really beautiful. We found delightful beaches, gorgeous state parks, and yummy food (oh, and bugs, of course). Nonie made lots of friends, loved the ferry to Washington Island, and rode nearly 11 miles (18 kilometres) on a rented bike.

Nonie’s favourite phrase of the summer: “that’s awkward!”

School has started for the very big kids, and Nonie is very excited to join Miss Jeanette in Grade 1 (which is upstairs!!!) at DMA after Labor Day.

Love to everyone. We miss you heaps! See you here at nerdtobe soon with some video highlights and, most likely, after Thanksgiving with more pics and news.

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The “rest” of Summer

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Birthday parties, basketball, sewing and the 4th of July!

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