A catch up on the doings of Sidonie (aka Nonie, aka Noodlepop, aka Princess Nonie, aka babyshoes, aka Crystal Blossom)

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What hairy, toothless beast is behind those goggles?

I met Santa Claus. I know he was real. I pulled his beard!

A quick roundup from the last few months:
I beat Daddy at the Dreidel Game.
I had a fabulous Christmukkah (Spoilt by all. Thanks guys!).
I’ve been to Florida twice to hang out with the family and escape from the cold.
I had heaps of special zoo classes (I even got to go behind the animal enclosures), gymnastics, art with Granny Nora, and piano! I rock on the keyboard!
I got to have a lot of fun at the College Art Association Conference in LA. The papers were boring, but the running and dancing was cool. I also got to make art with Mummy and Daddy and friends for the Non Human Turn conference here in MiWi!
Add to that school fieldtrips, lots of game time, learning to read, becoming good at math, refining my drawing, attending parties and dinners and playdates, and LOSING MY TEETH! Oh, and of course, being silly, and funny, and loving, and using lots of big words, all made for a busy and delightful whirl of a winter-spring.

Miss you all. Hugs and Kisses and Fairy Princess Wishes! (Because I was one you know. When I lived with the other fairies, mermaids and the dinosaurs, before I decided to get into Mummy’s tummy).

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