Season’s Greetings!

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Popop, Babba, Nonie and Pink Ball. A Portrait.

A few winter pics for Nonie’s fans. Sorry they are so meagre, but Nonie has now learned to use the video and the self-timer on the camera (but has also changed many of the settings, unbeknownst to all. So, many, many photos blurred and under exposed — most not included here, as you will be relieved to see).

It has been a remarkably mild winter here on the third coast. We are usually pretty precocious about snow, beating the winter start (December 15) by weeks. But, other than one bone shattering day (15F and -12C) it has almost been balmy with a few inches here and there, but nothing that has stayed on the ground.

Thanksgiving (with Babba and Popop, and Rob, Nakia and Sunny — a delight) has come and gone, the Christmukkah Bush is trimmed, the gifts are wrapped, Nonie has met with Santa (he was real, she pulled his beard to check) and the social whirl has gently escalated as we continue the season of celebrations.

We now officially have three accents in the family: South African-English with an Irish tinge, Brooklyn-Midwest with an Afrikaans flavour, and Brooklyn-English-Midwest (with the “why don’cha” Wisconsonian edge coming to dominate). The other day Nonie flummoxed both Nat and me when she announced she was going to do some pombs (rhymes with bombs). Took a good while for us to get that it was poems she was going to share!

Wishing you and yours all the very best of the holiday season.
Love the N Cubed in Milwaukee!

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Nonie’s first letter

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I wrote the whole thing by myself, and drew a picture at the back – daddy only helped me with the spelling. It says:

deAr nAnCY:

SchooL is
greAt. thAnk
U 4 AsKing.
i miss U And
i <3 U LoVe,

Sidonie Stern

image: 'sidonie' by nathaniel stern