Laughs Before Pancakes, Always Good.

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Laughs Before Pancakes, Always Good.

Nonie catches up with Popop and Babba on a flying visit to NYC with Daddy (no Mummy for the first time — getting so growed up).

Some Sidisms from the last few weeks:

“Bless yous are guy germs with swords.”

“I caught my hustle bum from you.”

“You got me a baby?”

“Are those my only options?” (In response to being told bath or no movie!)

“Look, look my nibbles have grown bigger” (pointing at her chest).

On tripping, “Don’t worry I am quite resilient.”

To Mummy laughing at the hair she refuses to brush: “I am bored of being teased.”

To Daddy who said no, “You have upsetted me, a lot.”

On discovering that she cannot fly to fairyland on paper wings, “I am very disappointed in my imagination.”

“Somebody, should get me a treat” or “Somebody should not be mean to me” (often, to Mummy and Daddy).

“I want E-I-E M-O-M” (spelling ice cream).

To Mommy: “I don’t like it when you say ‘interesting’– it sounds like a bad thing.”

“You have to jump over oxtables or you will fall!”

To the punk one line over at the supermarket, “Hey, you girl, I like your sparkles.”

“Odd is a mean word, its not pretty, we should not use it anymore.”

“I am going to have two babies (with Miss Erica) I am going to call them … Halloween and Valentines, no puddle and sunflower, no tree climber boy and big schoolgirl …” (hence the odd comment to Mummy’s use of “those are odd names”).

Hugs to all,
from Nonie (“that’s my real name”) “nickname Sidonie Ridgway” (“but I think you should call me sweetie pie”) Stern

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