Sid’s Summer Holiday

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Greetings from Birchlake

So, thanks to Babba and Popop, Sidonie (real name Nonie, as she insists) and Nat and Nicole, and some friends had a glorious vacation. It started with polka and fish fry and friends (Sarah, Aaron, Little Isaac and Naomi; Jeff, Big Isaac, Jessica, her Mom and Brother and Sister-in-law) where much freestyle dancing and jollification was done; we then all headed off to the Paradise cabin at Birchlake just outside of Tomah in the midwest (sic) of Wisconsin. It was crazy beautiful! 🙂 We swam; ate local fruit and veges, jams and pies; swam some more; made friends; went to see Amish country and learnt a lot about cranberries; swam again; had a lot of braais/barbeques; played board and card games; swam; hung out with the ‘rents (Popop was sadly sick); hung out with Jessica and Isaac, and Yev and Jim; swam and hot tubbed; and, generally had a fantastic time with spectacular company. Before heading home we went further west to La Crosse and had a magnificent tour on the Mississippi, ate Cajun style food in the old part of the town in what used to be the port, and had ice cream in an 80 year-old “malt shoppe”. Once home we extended our holiday for a day and went to the Wisconsin State Fair. Saw lots of animals, did lots of rides at the carnival, and rode a camel. Amazing time (even tho’ madam was a little tired and cranky). So, having run out of superlatives, that is our summer vacation in a nutshell. Hope yours was as good/will be as good (for those in the other hemisphere). Greetings from Birchlake indeed!

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