Winter Wonderland

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My first sledding advanture, and my first snowman. At home, anyway. But my daddy and I were cold, so we kind of just sledded in front of the house, and made a baby Frosty. This was our 6th snow of the season (and it’s not even Christmas!) adding another 16 inches to the already large sum of white stuff from the sky – until it all freezes into ice tomorrow when it is 20 below (F, which is more than 30 below in C – granted this includes the wind chill, but STILL). But it does make for pretty photos and hot cocoa in front of the fire!

sledding, weeee!

sledding, weeee!

baby Frosty

baby Frosty

pooped (snow angels)

pooped (snow angels)

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These are a few of my favourite things!

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Sid-a-Nonie Ridgway Stern – 2 1/2 years old.

Nonie’s favourite things:

Tapping my forehead like Pooh and saying, “fink, fink!” Oh, and speaking of Pooh, I love Lumpy (the baby Heffalump – which is kind of like an Elephant – in the new movies).

Telling stories (I always begin with, “One little time” and end with “the end”.)

Halloween (dressing up, trick or treating, going to parties).

I ride so well I can do it in a tutu now.

I ride so well I can do it in a tutu now.

Obama (yah! and it makes Daddy smile, a lot.)

Yay, we won, we won, we won.

Yay, we won, we won, we won.

Singing (especially Old Mac Donald, Frosty the Snowman and Rock-a-bye Baby).

Puppets (sock, finger, and my “just pretend” hand puppet, “Bobbie”).

Bathing (“I big, I swim”).

Making houses and having tea parties.

My house, come in, please.

My house, come in, please.

Friends (at Lifeways — my creche — and Isaac — who I spent Thanksgiving with. We also had a make-Christmas-cookies playdate. We like “hanging out” and “chillin” — Daddy is teaching me a lot of American slang).

Hide and seek (most especially when we run into the closet, taking “tiny, little tiger” to hide from “big bad tiger, he huge”).

Snow (we’ve had five snows so far and although it can be “so cold” and I wish it was “too warmer,” I like it a lot and cope better than Daddy and Mummy.)

Dancing (to everything, with everyone, but especially to “They Might be Giants” … see video post below).

Food (broccoli and olives, and Parmesan and Asagio, and chickpeas and cumin, and marshmallows. Did I mention marshmallows? More, please).

Having my ow-ies (real and imagined) kissed a lot (and bandaids, I like them a lot).

Saying, “I don’t like it.”

Holding up a finger in a rather schoolmarmish way and saying, “I’ll be right back”, “Just a minute”, “Not do it that way”.

Going to parades.

Christmas Parade, Downtown Milwuakee

Christmas Parade, Downtown Milwaukee

Putting up our Christmakkah Tree and opening my chocolate advent calendar.

Having my haircut in a salon!

I love this look!

I love this look!

Running, jumping, laughing, teasing, tickling and being tickled. Reading, and playing with my toys, and talking (a lot) and helping with the dishes and vacuuming.

Oh, and of course, cards and presents.

Happy holidays one and all. Love and Hugs!

More pics here or as a slideshow here.

horsies, dancing and bicycles

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horsies dancing bicycles

horsies, dancing and bicycles – click for a quicktime movie

Fun with Nonie, video captured on our mobile phones!
Video from the zoo, at home, and out in front of our house (pre-snow, so a few weeks ago) in Milwaukee.

image: 'sidonie' by nathaniel stern