i am a cousin! (updated with picture)

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The details are slowly trickling in via (brief) transnational phone calls and texts from daddy’s not so tech savvy family, but it sounds like Leonardo Mazzola was born around 5:15 5:00 AM EST, 5 and a half 5.7 pounds (he’s little, but strong! 3.5 weeks early, is all). We’ll get a pic up when we have it – he’s in for quite a ride. Congratulations Aunt Sam and Uncle Emy! I can’t wait to meet Leo!


No Rain Day!!! (or, things I do, rain and shine)

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Yay, sun!

For. A. Day. (sigh)

In celebration of the first no-rain-day of 2008 (in February!), I thought I would give the avid followers of all things Sidonie a sense of a few of my favorite things. Or at least, as they stand today in the ever-changing Sidonie-ness that is me:

My bike: for me and sometimes others

Calling myself “Nonie” and naming “Nonie’s” things

All fish – actual, virtual, animated and drawn (“Meemo” – er, Nemo – rules!)

Speaking of fish, I love the part in “Nemo” when they say they are looking for Sydney – I always shout “Me!” and point at myself delightedly

Making Mummy be a train and using her legs as a bridge. Daddy screams “toot toot!”

“Dih,” also known as Stitch from Lilo and Stitch – I like to watch him dancing to Elvis on YouTube

Jumping (I can’t get off the ground yet but I fling my head back and yell as if I can)

The concepts (and saying the words, of course) of “mine,” “more,” and “me”

Laughing, making people laugh, smiling at people on the bus, charming cashiers, and making friends on the “deedaw” in the park (seesaw for those who don’t speak sid)

Tea parties with my plushies and water play in the sink (“bah” still equals water)

Glancing from under my lashes to see if my pouting is working

Standing in the buggy and letting my hair blow in the wind (a romantic like both of my rents)

Wearing Daddy’s shoes

Flinging my hands to my mouth and melodramatically declaiming, “Oh No!”

Eating leek and potato soup, star spinach and ricotta ravioli, peas, vanilla yogurt and, horror of horrors (says Mummy), I climbed on the chair and crawled halfway across the dining room table to nab some chocolate (which I am developing a taste for when no one is watching)

Putting lip ice on my chin

Finding the stars in the sky

Playing with balls (I am good at kicking and throwing, but not so much with the catching, yet — watch this space)

Walking funny, practicing the splits, standing on tippy toes, spinning around, doing rolypoly on the floor, and DANCING!

Playing run, hide and boo!

Flinging my changing mat over my shoulders like it is a cape (I saw that in a movie Mummy was watching last night)

Learning new stuff like “two” and “up/down” and “red, blue and green”

Practicing words first thing before I have even woken up properly, especially fun ones like “elbow” and “light”

Making a huge mess but insisting that certain things be in their place, like my buggy (I am my parents’ child)

NOT brushing my teeth (especially, to my mother’s dismay, after eating chocolate)

(link: more new photos here)

image: 'sidonie' by nathaniel stern