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clap handies

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A new video for my fans!

clap handies

PS i now have six teeth

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The better to bite you with.

Oh, and I kind of like granny apples a little bit.

belated bloggings

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It began at the airport in Dublin – daddy was all clean shaved for the jump to Summer in Africa, and I was just too too excited to see granny – thanks Ouma Harriet!

sidonie at the airport

We stayed with Brendan and Jill in Joburg – they’re v. nice and daddy says I have my first crush (and look at that view from knee sized height!)…

at Jill and Bren's

I spent quality time with uncle João-ey, got to wear the “geek” shirt Tony bought me, and even hung out with my brother Michel and his new mommy, Gemma. Mommy won’t say it out loud, but she knows I’m cuter than him. OH! And that last pic is when I matched daddy’s artwork at his opening 🙂

Nice few of the Ridgway girls, with mom, auntie and granny…

I also got to see Lucy, and even spent some time at the Vaal river; thanks Colleen and Matt!

What a fanfabulous trip it was! I was sad to go, but at least now, back in Dublin, my buddy Mara can teach me how to play the piano. And hey, my god-mother Nancy arrives today, too, so I may be treated like a golden child for just a bit longer….

image: 'sidonie' by nathaniel stern