homeward bound

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So so sorry for the lack of contact lately, oh, all my wonderful fans. You see, besides from my (and my two chief administrators, Professor Mommy and 3-years-til-Dr. Daddy) being horribly jet-lagged (even still) and slightly sick for a time, we’ve just been desperate to get in some reading and writing.

would you like me to read to you, mommy?
would you like me to read to you, mommy? (mom&dad might’ve helped)

The trips to NYC and Florida (thank you to granny and grandpa, and ouma and oupa, respectively) were simply divine. Aunt Sam and Uncle Emy get madd shout-outs too. You can see many-a-photo of good times on flickr. No time to surf? Here’re a few highlights Prof. Mom insisted on:

new year’s and grandpa’s birthday (he’s OLD!)

play dates with tylor and aunt samantha / uncle emy

girrrrrrl power!

and… starving myself before christmas dinner

And, coming up, thanks to the extremely generous Ouma Harriet, I am going to experience my first two weeks of summer, EVER. We leave for South Africa on Monday – art for us!

image: 'sidonie' by nathaniel stern